Nativ3 is a layer3 leader on arbitrum
This is Nativ3
Low gas fees
Nativ3 processes transactions off-chain and batch settlements on-chain, enabling reduced gas fees on every transaction on the blockchain.
Nativ3 has adopted the best technology to address the performance issues with Ethereum and other layers, and created our own way to scale in numbers without congestion.
Cryptography, decentralization, verification and consensus make the blockchain inherently secure. Nativ3 has built on top of these principles to secure your assets more effectively and efficiently.
Nativ3’s speed is second to none. We’ve achieved both fastest transaction process and lowest latency.
When it comes to what we do, we do it all. Pay gas with our token, set up whitelisted smart contracts, bridge to any platform, create tiered gas policies, swap to any chain and earn with our trusted partners.
Easy login
Log in with your email to obtain your wallet address, forget about mnemonic phrases or private keys, and stay safe with social recovery.
Unleash Your Potential
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